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Difficulties of delivering your ad inventory readily to advertiser and the reel of chaos. Become a better team increasing your sales rates.

From now, your rate card inventory will be easily accessible for the top brands worldwide. Plenty of professional advertisers and brands. You set pricing and placement details to create a "digital media kit" for advertisers. Each relevant high-quality advertiser willing to interact with you will definitely see your ad inventory. Each last detail is completely transparent. Traff Ex - the choice of publishers and advertisers. Working on advertisers “digital media kit” you can set both placement and pricing. Every change and ad can be edited, review and then denied or approved before going live.


Publishers’ smart choice:

  • Newest technology
  • Effective consultative approach
  • Only right ads
  • Top advertisers

Give your business an edge Traffic Exchange

We combined a few advertising technologies into a simple, open and smart solution, which ensures your good results!

Increase sales


  • Single point of contact for numerous campaigns and placements
  • Management from specific locations, target sites
  • Unique split testing, performance tracking in real time
  • Effective support, reporting, management and billing

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  • Build up your advertising business
  • 24/7 support provided by the amazing team BSA
  • Constant Interaction with thousands of active and experienced advertisers worldwide
  • Creative and high-paying ad units always at your fingertips

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Our features

  • Only highly-effective internet marketing tools
  • Guaranteed results
  • Experience in conducting both large-scale international advertising campaigns and smaller regional ones

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