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We combined a few advertising technologies into a simple, open and smart solution, which ensures your good results!


  • Single point of contact for numerous campaigns and placements
  • Management from specific locations, target sites
  • Unique split testing, performance tracking in real time
  • Effective support, reporting, management and billing

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  • Build up your advertising business
  • 24/7 support provided by the amazing team BSA
  • Constant Interaction with thousands of active and experienced advertisers worldwide
  • Creative and high-paying ad units always at your fingertips

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  • Only highly-effective internet marketing tools
  • Guaranteed results
  • Experience in conducting both large-scale international advertising campaigns and smaller regional ones

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Short about Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange is an open, versatile product suite developed to meet all the daily needs and requirements of any user. Advertisers are provided various useful functions, among which a wide range of plug-in modules to satisfy their specific requirements and fully control their data.


Traffic Exchange offers a set of promotion tools, which involve digital channels


The real performance of marketing initiatives with multiple channels with the help of measuring and fairly attributing every customer brand interaction across devices from consumer awareness through purchase is discerned by attributing


Audience is a smart platform for data management capable to vertically align segments provides a sophisticated data management to stay ahead of any target (through algorithmic attribution and execution)


Cross-screen advertising experiences at scale of premium dynamic can be created, optimized and executed using software solution Creative.


Display pairs exclusive, premium brand-safe inventory with the best optimization engine and technology available

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We do not support approach of some companies, relying on the resembling sources of data. Applying various data layers from publishers and advertisers, our own and third parties, proprietary data. Thus we make it possible for clients to find target audiences in multiple ways, among which our data network of about two thousand web-sites and over 60 millions clients of offline/addressable audience.

Real Results

We say one word, which cannot be heard every day by people discussing results - guarantee. It is just what you get with Traff Ex. It has never been more real than that with our solutions: increasing CTRs by 6-x cross-platform Netblocks, and behavioral targeting capable to increase conversion rates more than by 8x.

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